Current Registries 
  When pieces are purchased I will remove them from the list.  

Seaford / Simpson Registry

Seashore Glaze

Dinner Plate x 16                   Purchased
Salad Plate x 2                       $14.00ea
Dessert Plate x 6                    purchased
Cereal Bowl x 6                     $11.00ea
Coffee cup x 4                       purchased
1 1/2lb Bowl x 2                    $16.00ea
3lb Fluted Bowl                     $30.00
Wine Chiller                          $32.00
Lidded Pitcher                       $40.00
Pitcher (braided handle)        $34.00
Lg Stir Bowl                          purchased
Spoon Rest                            purchased
St Edge 3lb Bowl                  $30.00
St Edge 2lb Bowl                  purchased
Dip Crock                             $30.00
Handle Bowl                         $38.00
Bean Pot                                $36.00
Oil Bottle x 2                        $19.00ea
Lg Vase                                  purchased 
Lg Oval Bowl                       purchased 
Platter Bowl                          purchased
Soup Terrian  (comes            $135.00
with 4 cups and Ladle)

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